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ModelMaster Decals and Nameplates

After a long delay, it has been fortuitous to coincide the Society’s attendance at Model Rail Scotland with the chance to visit ModelMaster and pick up the stock of decals and plates. Now that we have these in-house, the process of sorting and organising can begin with a view to getting them on sale again.

The first task is sorting, counting, organising and then listing for sale. We expect this to take a month, then hopefully, we can offer these items for sale.

The return of some old favourites…

We’re pleased to announce that some of the kits out of production for a long time are now back in stock. These include:

  • Kit 1 BR Hopper Wagon HJO/HJV
  • Kit 15 LMS/BR “Trestrol” Bogie Well Wagon
  • Kit 20 BR 24T Anhydrite Hopper Wagon
  • Kit 49 War Department/BR Warflat

Keep checking the Society Shop page (on the Shop website) as this now shows the number in stock, and thus can be used to see when items become available again.

Kit 65 SR-LSWR 8 Plank Open Now Available

Maunsell designed these 8 plank open wagons based on LSWR wagons which had similar cupboard doors above the normal side door. The 10ft wheelbase ones represented by this kit were built 1936-7. Most were unfitted, the few fitted ones had sheet rails (these can fabricated from wire and plastic card). In the late 1950s British Railways fitted many with vacuum brakes, and added tiebars. They lasted in revenue service well into the 1960s, the last being withdrawn in 1970. Though classified as goods wagons, the SR used some of them for coal traffic, particularly in Kent.