Military Models

N Gauge Society presents arms!

Two of the four military models being offered by the NGS are soon to come into stock at the shop. The Saxon armoured car and Life Extended Scimitar light tank are now available.   These come as simple unpainted kits.

The kits have been produced for the NGS by highly regarded military modeller Paul Gandy of PG Models, but instead of the usual pewter are cast in resin to make them more appropriate as loads for our Warwells, Warflats and forthcoming modern Warflat kit.

The Alvis FV-107 Scimitar light tank was introduced in 1971, and is in the standard PG Models range, but the version offered by the NGS represents the post-2000 condition after a major refurbishment programme was carried out to extend the lives of these vehicles with new engines, transmission and other enhancements. The external differences include changed grilles and front headlights.

The GKN Sankey AT=15 “Saxon” Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) was a low-cost option offered to the British Army designed to use existing Bedford lorry parts. Introduced in the 1980s they eventually numbered more than 600 types. Many photographs can be found online showing them in service in Cyprus, Bosnia, Kosovo, and on UN duties in Africa in the usual bronze green camp livery or also UN white or desert sand.

The other two kits still to come are the Humber Pig armoured car and the BV206 amphibious vehicle.