Wagons Roll

Wagons Roll!

Announcing the availability of a number of NGS 4-wheel wagon kits as follows:

Code Description
NGSK0360 BR Shock Wagons – Open & Van
NGSK0260 GWR Planked, Plywood & MOGO Vans
NGSK0293 Arthur Day, Swindon, South West
NGSK0294 D.R. Llewellyn, Aberdare, Welsh
NGSK0295 Michael Whittaker, Leeds & Hull, Lancs & Yorks
NGSK0296 Norton & Biddulph, Stoke on Trent, West Midlands
NGSK0297 Pinxton, Nottingham, East Midlands
NGSK0298 Railway Employees Coal Club, St. Albans, South East
NGSK0298 Carron Co., Falkirk, Scotland
NGSK0100 GWR/BR Mica Van Types A & B
NGSK0610 BR Vanwide
NGSK0060 GWR/BR “Loriot”
NGSK0180 LMS/BR 12T Box Vans
NGSK0010 BR Hopper Wagon HJO/HJV
NGSK0140 LNER/BR 8-plank Mineral Wagon
NKSK0230 LMS/RCH 12T Open Wagon
NGSK0470 BR (Ex LMS/LNER) Highfit Twin pack
NGSK0480 LMS/GWR Open Wagon
NGSK0130 GWR/BR Iron Mink or Gunpowder Vans
NGSK0210 SR/BR 12T Box Vans
NGSK0620 BR A & BD Type Containers (one of each)

Some are in small numbers currently but this represents the resumption of production for many NGS exclusive kits.

Also coming soon, some TTA kits, Cube kits, PNA kits, Highfit kits and LMS/GWR opens.

There will also be some Farish TTA ready-to-run units available that were previously only available at the stand.


NGS Shop Manager