Journal 6/17

Journal 6/17 (November/December) is now complete and the print ready files have been generated ready to send to the printers:

Contents include:

  • What’s new in ‘N’ – 16 pages of news and reviews
  • Kinlet Wharf Bows Out – This years Warley show brings the curtain down
  • Regent Fuel Depot – Mike Alder builds a road-rail interchange depot
  • Thoughts on Loco Maintenance – By Richard Bardsley
  • Woodland Trees – Making trees from a Woodlands Scenics kit
  • Tremierton – for hands free shunting – Alex Daniell develops a pre-owned part built layout
  • The Best Laid Plans . . . – A cautionary tale by John Reading
  • A Prototype for Everything – Bob Gregory shows colours don’t always match
  • Members Layouts – Birches Head updated by Alan Chetwyn
  • How to Bash a Ratio Viaduct – Peter Brown extends and puts a curve in one
  • Steam Loco Performance – Test results of more models by David Rook
  • Centre Page Spread – Dragonby
  • Evoking a Time & Place (part 4) – Phil Lungberg tackles the East of England
  • St Johann – John Stacey moved a German layout to Australia
  • Before N Gauge was Born – Donald Troost provides an early pre-NGS history lesson
  • West Coast Main Line (part 2) – Andy Armitage concludes describing his layout
  • Improving Teak Coaches – Robert White show how to make improvements
  • Merry-Go-Round Hoppers – The history of these important wagons
  • How to Make a Skip Lorry – Bashed from a 3D print with a scratch-built body
  • Members Projects – Alan Browning’s latest scratch-built models
  • Annual Model Making Competition – More photos of winning models from 2017
  • Mail Train – Members letters

In addition, as well as the usual Newsletter publication that includes the latest Society news, will be another small leaflet/booklet:

That means the next package from the NGS to be sent to all members will include three publications and is expected to be sent out in the last week of November.