Introducing Kit 29 for Beginners

Kit 29 is our beginner’s kit, for any modeller who’s never had a go at building rolling stock.

The Peco 7 plank coal wagon kit is very easy to make, and as sold by the N Gauge Society as Kit 29 comes with a set of transfers made for us by Robbie’s Rolling Stock. The re-launch of the kit sees it as simple as possible since all the chosen wagon liveries are black, so colour matching is easy since all you need is a tin of black paint and some varnish.

Eight liveries are being offered and the product codes, wagon owner (livery), location and area are as follows:

NGSK0292 – Dorman Long, Port Clarence, Northern Counties

NGSK0293 – Arthur Day, Swindon, South West

NGSK0294 – D.R. Llewellyn, Aberdare, Welsh

NGSK0295 – Michael Whittaker, Leeds & Hull, Lancs & Yorks

NGSK0296 – Norton & Biddulph, Stoke on Trent, West Midlands

NGSK0297 – Pinxton, Nottingham, East Midlands

NGSK0298 – Railway Employees Coal Club, St. Albans, South East

NGSK0299 – Carron Co., Falkirk, Scotland

These kits are available from the Display Stand and the Society Shop priced just £5. So, for just a fiver, you can afford to dip your toe into the world of kit building, and we hope that this will lead some members to try other kits in our extensive range.