Announcement Regarding ModelMaster Transfers

The N Gauge Society entered into an arrangement with ModelMaster whereby the latter would sell and distribute those transfers and etched nameplates that were manufactured by ModelMaster exclusively for the Society and wholly owned by the Society.

Having reviewed this relationship after 12 months, the committee feel that it would be favourable to bring the storage, listing, selling and distribution of these transfers and nameplates back under the complete control of the N Gauge Society. Therefore, with immediate effect, we have asked ModelMaster to cease selling these items. We would ask members not to place any orders for N Gauge Society owned transfers or nameplates with ModelMaster, and to bear with us while we organise the transfer back to the Society. Any member who has placed an order with ModelMaster which has been paid for and is still awaiting fulfilment of that order is advised to contact ModelMaster for a refund.

Richard Bardsley, Chairman