Journal 5/18

Issue 5/18 of the Journal is due to the printed, packed and ready to be posted out in the last full week of September (commencing 24th) 2018. The contents will include :

  • What’s new in ‘N’ – 12 pages of news and reviews
  • Ranoak – A re-visit to Paddy McFarlan’s layout
  • Decoder codes for Dapol’s class 68 – Julian Thornhill provides the necessary information
  • Getting down to it – Graham Lawrence tells us a story as a prelude to modelling
  • Cherryburn House – Peter Brown provides plans and describes constructing this farm building
  • BR Siphons in blue – Richard Bardsley undertakes Siphon conversions to provide variants in N
  • Next18 Decoders – Julian Thornhill introduces these new DCC chips
  • Evoking a sense of place & time (pt 5) – Phil Lundberg tackles era 4 in his evoking series
  • Sossidge Street – Pete Morris’s describes his atmospheric 60s London terminus
  • Members Projects – Tony Martin builds a freelance tank loco
  • A Leader in N – Building this unusual locomotive from scratch by Michael Beer
  • Members Projects – Rodney Hodge re-purposes an ODC truck
  • How to Build an Etched Yard Crane Kit – Jerry O’Reilly assembles an N Brass etched kit
  • Filling Out the Ferry Fleet – Andy Gibbs showcases his ferry wagons fleet
  • Hints and Tips – Making a magnetic pipe load by Andrew Cockburn
  • Mail Train – Members letters