N Gauge Society Aquires TPM Tooling For Plastic Wagon Kits

TheĀ  Society have purchased the tooling for the range of plastic wagon kits formerly produced by Taylor Precision Models (TPM).

The list of wagon kits is as follows:

  • Air-braked Steel Carrier (SAA and derivatives)
  • Iron Ore Tippler (PTA, later JTA/JUA)
  • VCA Van
  • VDA Van
  • FPA Russell coal container
  • Private Owner (POA/PNA)
  • Limpet ballast spoil wagon (ZKA)

This is an important purchase for N Gauge modellers as it will secure the future of these tools and wagon kits for many years to come. The TPM range of plastic wagon kits have been instrumental over the years in helping to develop N Gauge as a viable modelling scale for modern era modellers.

The Society are aiming to integrate these kits into their already extensive range of wagon kits over the next six months and make them available to members as soon as possible.