Latest on the Hunslets

The following Hunslet Production Update from the Treasurer will appear in the newsletter accompanying journal 6/19:

Our last update in Journal 5/19 had told you about the issues with the first run of PCB’s that had delayed the production and delivery of the PCB’s to the Factory in Hong Kong. Whilst these issues have been resolved there were additional complexities with the super capacitors (for the stay alive capabilities) to go into the PCB’s as the originally specified ones were not available (as a number were used in the original rejected PCB’s). This meant some additional re-work and testing between the Factory and CT Elektronik with the positive outcome being that a slightly larger super capacitor can now be included on the PCB that enhances the stay alive features of the Hunslet.

So CT are now producing the PCB’s as quickly as possible with these super capacitors installed and these will then be shipped to the Factory for inclusion in the final assembly of all the models. This of course has meant a further annoying delay for us all but the key message, as we have consistently said, is that the models have to be 100% right.

Whilst this update will be included in the journal published just after the Warley Show at the NEC in November, I do hope to have a further update that we can share with members attending the show (and I will be on the Stand for both days so can tell you in person) and also include on our facebook page and the website so that the majority of members that have pre-orders will get the latest news.

(Further information received since the above announcement was written suggests that it is highly unlikely that we will receive the models before mid-December.

Because of this, and because of (a) potential difficulties with the Post Office (Christmas rush, temporary staff etc) and (b) non-availability of some key administration personnel over the holiday period, it has been decided that balances will not be requested and distribution of pre-orders will not commence before the New Year.  For the latter reason we regret that we will be unable to accept payment of balances before then.

Yet again, apologies for any inconvenience!)