Latest on the Hunslets

The following Hunslet Production Update from the Treasurer will appear in the newsletter accompanying journal 1/20:

In writing this just prior to Christmas, I am finally pleased to say that we reached a major milestone on December 9th with confirmation that the entire run of the all important PCB’s was complete and ready to be shipped. This now paves the way to push on with final assembly, packing and distribution once the PCB’s have reached the factory in Hong Kong. This delivery of the PCB’s to Hong Kong is anticipated to be before Christmas and will then need to have a final set of tests to be done by the Factory to ensure the “100% right” requirements are met before we give the green light to finally start the assembly process.
Given the prolonged timing of the PCB production, it is now unlikely that the Factory will complete all that they need to do prior to the Chinese New Year at the end of January/early February, which is a 15 day holiday. We do hope that production completion and shipment will happen soon after this but I am not going to give dates here given past experience, but as soon as we have the shipping date you will all know through the various channels we use for updating our Members including the Journal, Facebook, Website and the group.
Whilst there have been production delays this has allowed the committee to organise an efficient distribution process that will ensure all pre-orders are shipped as soon as possible after balances are paid and there are a number of people involved in the process to ensure you get your models quickly. Indeed, I am one of those people myself and am busy sorting my own “railway room” out over Christmas and New Year so that I am good to go to ship once the numerous boxes of Hunslets arrive with me. Similar activities are also going on with a number of other volunteers too so we will all do everything we can to ship quickly.
Finally it was good to meet a number of you at the Warley Show at the NEC last month to talk about the Hunslets and also confirm the view that there will be a strong demand for this model after the pre-orders are complete, so when the general membership selling starts, please get your orders in quickly!.