NGS Carflat Final CAD

The NGS has received final versions of the CAD designs for our forthcoming Carflat.

The CADs sent show all possible variations, with various options including BR1 or B4 bogies, air-braked, vacuum braked or both and various placards and branding boards according to prototypes.



(Motorail). Version in BR Blue livery with motorail placard centrally mounted.  This wagon has BR1 bogies.

(Bauxite). With faster B4 bogies and air brakes this version represents those painted bauxite and used primarily for new car deliveries.

(Railease). The versions built for Railease had BR1 bogies, air brakes and large branding panels at the right hand end.

Members should note that although all versions are shown with gangway buffing plates these were only carried on some variants and will be supplied separately for the customer to fit as required.


These models are now ready to being tooling and we are hoping to receive first samples during the summer, and hopefully in time to show members at the AGM.