Changing your Society into a Company Limited by Guarantee

Your excellent new Journal 6/16 Nov /Dec 2016 has arrived on your doormat.

Please before reading it take time to look at the Newsletter where you will find on page 6 a form requesting your vote on changing your Society into a Company Limited by Guarantee. Instructions on how to vote will be found there, and some notes on the subject from the Chairman Richard Bardsley are on page 3 of the Newsletter.

Please vote on this important subject affecting the the future of the N Gauge Society.

Any questions should be addressed to me. Contact details are on page 4 of the Journal. I should also be at the Display stand at the venues listed under NGS Display Stand on the website, and I will have voting slips available. The closure date for voting is Friday 24th February 2017.

Thanks, and happy reading and modelling.

Stuart Conlon

General Secretary N Gauge Society