Volunteer Positions

As a growing society, the workload for existing officers is increasing, and new ideas are emerging that require extra help to deliver even more benefits for our members.  Could you contribute to our continued success by offering some time and skills to help the team that runs the NGS?

Help run the NGS

It is not just for the annual election of the full Committee that we need new volunteers.  The Committee has decided that for reasons of continuity and security we should actively work towards developing understudies for key committee roles.  In addition, there are sometimes opportunities during the year for less formal help to be given to smaller projects.

Some roles have formal “job specs” and others are more flexible to match the time commitment and skills of the individual.

New volunteers are essential both to bring new ideas and to lessen the burden on those who have already donated many hundreds (and in some cases thousands) of hours in making your society what it is today.  So, if you want to explore what is involved in a specific role, or simply want to investigate whether you could contribute in some way, why not get in touch?

If you feel that you would be interested in one of these roles or that you can assist in any way, please email

Annual Model Making Competition Co-ordinator

This is a non-committee post, although, of course, attendance at the AGM is a requirement (reasonable travel expenses paid). There’s an hour or two of work per week in the two months up to the AGM, and a few hours afterwards, besides the day of the AGM itself. There’s a full manual which shows how to run the AMMC.

The AMMC is run on a pre-entry basis, so prior to the AGM it’s a case of accepting the entry forms, and preparing the paperwork needed to run the AMMC. During the AGM, the models are accepted and there’s the coordination of the judges and the marking, then overseeing the presentation of the awards during the actual AGM. Afterwards, there’s some paperwork to complete, notably the printing and sending of certificates.


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