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9 August 2017

Order updates:

The tsunami of orders have finally subsided and we are now on top again.

In the last two weeks we’ve had 150 orders and picked, packed and dispatch 556 items from the shop.

All online orders down to 17460/070817/12 and mail orders down to MO044 have been dispatch (with a few exceptions where waiting for kits).

Some mail orders are still being sent to the ‘old’ shop address at Skegness. These are being forwarded on to me, but it will add to the delay. Once again, please use the ‘new’ shop address :

NGS Shop Manager, 5 Sarazen Green, Livingston, EH54 8SZ.

Stock news:

A number of lines have been exhausted by the recent spate of orders and so are no longer available.

As previously reported the military vehicle kits have sold very well. If you are interested in some of these then there is no need to worry as I have ordered up another batch of the Saxons and Scimitars for future orders when the war-flat kits become available.

Members having enjoyed Grahame’s article on Urban Building Modelling (Journal 4/17 p18) can find the NGS publication “Making Buildings in Cardboard” from the shop at £1 each plus £1 for P&P. If ordering online then use the ‘Sundry Payments’ option and select the £1 button to cover the cost of postage.

For those wanting back numbers of NGS Journals, the 2011 and 2012 CDs are available again.

6 August 2017

Order updates:

Yesterday and today we shipped online-orders down to order number 17361/310717/32 and mail-orders down to MO037. That leaves (as of this morning) twenty outstanding orders dating back to 31st July. These should be posted on Monday, then, touch wood, were are back on track!

Note that I have received orders by post for Hunslet deposits. I don’t deal with these at the shop. Any postal deposit orders for Hunslets should go to the Membership Secretary:

Mike Bloomfield, 52 Gainsborough Road, Wallasey, Merseyside, CH45 8PT.

Other mail orders should be sent to me at the address below.

NGS Shop Manager, 5 Sarazen Green, Livingston, EH54 8SZ.

For queries  on individual orders phone: 07392 964134

Sticky Anniversary Everyone!

A word of caution for those (many) members ordering  the PECO 50th Anniversary wagons: These wagons come in the new style packaging recently released by Peco. As we are packing we frequently note that some of the plastic boxes are sticky – so much so that boxes adhere to each other. The new packaging includes a plastic hanging tab (for retailer use)  which is glued to the back of the plastic product box. This glue frequently hasn’t set, or isn’t aligned properly. It’s only a very small strip of adhesive but quite powerful. Members purchasing these wagons (and presumably other products from Peco) should take care when handling the boxes in case they should accidently become stuck to other items.

Tanks for the orders.

The sale of the new military vehicle kits has gone exceedingly well, with the Scimitar Light Tanks (NGSV0001) now in single figures and the Saxon APC (NGSV0002) fast approaching. I’ll look into a possible restock of these with the manufacturer. However we are expecting two other variants along later this year (NGSV0003 – Humber Pig Armoured Car Military Vehicle and NGSV0004 –  BV206-3 Amphibious Vehicle)

3 August 2017

Hot and Cold Stoves: 

As previously foretold, the LMS Crimson Stove “R”s have now sold out – shame it was a nice livery.
This means that apart from half a dozen un-decorated models (all over red with black guards look-out), I only have some branded as “Engineers Red”.
However on closer inspection this morning, it appears that the majority of these are different from the original model.
I can’t be sure as I wasn’t involved at the time, but I think the society had a re-order back in 2011 and so had two batches of these. The first had a running number of 975249 with a pale grey roof, and labelled as “British Rail Tinsley Breakdown 975249”. I only have a couple left of these.
The second has a running number 975247, with dark grey roof and is labelled as “Breakdown Train red 975247”, of which I have lots!
If you already have one of the original variants you may be interested in a running partner for it.


There’s been an interest in Journal back number CDs recently which means that some years have gone out of stock. These will be replenished just I soon as I can cut some more. I’ll advise when back in stock. 

Order updates:

Orders down to number 17314/290717/48 were posted yesterday and I’m working on orders down to 17329/300717/86 today.

After that I’ve got another 22 waiting in my inbox.

We’ve now got to the stage were we posting more per day than we are receiving,, having shipped out 75 since we got back from holiday. With those in the pipeline that makes for about 100 in the week – as much as we handled in the previous 8 weeks. Please bear with us.

 1 August 2017

Jacqui and I have just got back from a week’s holiday to find that the NGS shop orders have gone crazy. We’ve had about 80 orders in place of the usual 12-20, probably due to the Journal being published. We are steadily working through them but there may be a delay as we clear the backlog. Today we have posted of orders down to order number 17205/270717/42. Another batch down to 17243/270717/04 will be posted tomorrow and the rest will follow during this week. I do apologise if this causes any delay, but we are wrapping and packing as fast as we can.

Following my last update, the Taunton Cider Ferry wagons have now sold out. These were part of the NGS 40th anniversary models release. We still have some Cargowaggon versions of the ferry wagons left in stock at £20.50.

Sales of the Peco 50th anniversary wagons has rocketed at £8 for the opens and £10 for the tanks – I don’t think it will take 10 years to sell these out. The military vehicle kits have seen nice, steady orders at £7.50 such that we are about half way through the current stock.

The incredibly cheap (£9) Corn Exchange buildings are also selling well, with many members buying in multiples.

 Usual Address Reminder:

As notified previously, please note the new address for mail orders and queries:

NGS Shop Manager, 5 Sarazen Green, Livingston, EH54 8SZ.

Email access is unchanged at

Any orders sent to the previous (Skegness) shop address will be forwarded on for now, but this will add delay to your order.

Please note that the NGS shop is run by volunteers in spare time, who may be away from time to time, and so you are asked to allow 21days for delivery before chasing up an outstanding order.

 Adrian NGS Shop Manager

17 July 2017

Top sellers are:

  1. Peco 50th Anniversary wagons
  2. Car-flats pre-order deposits
  3. Military Vehicle kits
  4. Snowploughs
  5. Thompson full brakes
  6. Ready to plant Corn Exchange (on special offer)

On the endangered list of Ready-to-Run stock are:

  1. NGSR0040           40TH ANNIVERSARY WAGON – TAUNTON             – only one left at time of writing.
  2. NGSR0426           SNOWPLOUGH – RFD “SNOW KING”                        – only two left at time of writing.
  3. NGSR0340           STOVE ‘R’ – LMS CRIMSON                                            – only seven left at time of writing.
  4. NGSR0348           STOVE ‘R’ – UNDECORATED                                          – only seven left at time of writing.
  5. NGSR0564           Thompson Lined maroon                                              – only seven left at time of writing.
  6. NGSR0553           Collett crimson & cream W152                                   – only nine left at time of writing.

When they’re gone – they’re gone!

Orders for small/light items.

I’ve had some orders for kit transfers and brass etches where members have paid full price postage of £4 for something that can easily be accommodated at letter rate postage (57p).

I strongly advise that if you wish to order transfers and/or etches alone that you should post me an order with a stamped address envelope for the return, or possibly email me an order with an additional £1 to cover P&P. However in the latter case do not enter your full card details in the same email, we will arrange card payment later.  (Later
: you can in fact use the online facility for these items – instead of selecting the ‘Delivery & p&p’ option, use the ‘Sundry payment’ option to add the additional £1.)

Kit production:

I get a number of queries every week about kit availability – it’s not something I can help with much as I don’t control kit production. Many members are not aware that the society doesn’t buy in the kits ready to go, but we actually buy the components and package these together along with the instructions before we can offer them for sale. There have been a number of issues in obtaining some of the components which has held up kit production. Tim Hitch, who has been co-ordinating the kit production so far, will be issuing a bulletin on the NGS web site soon to keep members informed on the status ok kit production. Queries on kits should be made to




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