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NGS Display Stand

The NGS has an active program of exhibition attendance, enabling members and non-members to see the range of products and services that we offer.  Of particular importance is the chance to see the ever-expanding range of kits and ready to run rolling stock that are not available through normal retail channels.

Pboro 2017 - Main Stand
Tim Hitch, Stuart Conlon and Adrian Brimble, ready for the off at Peterborough 2017 Exhibition
The Small Main Stand

Members can also save postage costs by picking up journal or handbook binders, and there is usually a display case with a few example NGS wagons to tempt you!

When space permits, we also offer N gauge modelling demonstrations, and, of course, welcome renewals and queries from existing members.  Make a point of dropping by the NGS stand when we attend your local railway exhibition.

Meet the team and join up

Tim Hitch will be delighted to meet N gauge modellers at the stand.  Just come along and introduce yourself and have a chat.  We sell the exclusive NGS kits and ready to run rolling stock, journal binders, handbook binders, and several other specialist NGS items.

We also enrol new members, renew current members, and answer questions and queries.  Why not join and order one or two wagons from our enormous range at the same time.  It can be cheaper than buying our products from an auction site, and you’ll also get 600 full colour pages of N gauge modelling every year in our society Journal, as well as 200+ pages in our Handbook.

Even if you just want directions to a particular stand, come and talk to a friendly face.  We’ll try to help you out.

We would love to meet you, so do please come along to the stand, hopefully spend some money, but more importantly, introduce yourself.  Without you, the member, the NGS would come to a grinding halt.

When space permits we have a demonstration table alongside the stand, and if you are interested in demonstrating with us, please contact Tim via the link below.

For Details of the display stand or any other queries please email the Stand Manager :-


  For larger shows, we are sometimes able to lay on demonstrations, too
Richard Webb and Stuart Conlon (NGS General Secretary) help out at the BRM – Doncaster 2017 Show.

Pboro 2017 - Serving Members
Busy at the Stand at Peterborough Exhibition 2017

Where will we be in the following months?

This list will be updated over the year, but here is the current plan for our main display stand.

  • Only the main stand offers a selection of NGS kits and ready to run wagons (members only).
  •  Please note that due to current (as at October 2019) unforeseen circumstances, the schedule below is liable to change, with or without notice.  This is due to your Display Stand Manager having eye issues.  I’m housebound at the moment, with another operation scheduled on 2nd December 2019.
23rd-24th November 2019 Large Main Stand Warley – NEC – Birmingham

Product Code Description One Description Two Inventory Quantity
NGSR0554 Collett Crimson W106W NGSR0554 2
NGSR0556 Collett Blue W141W NGSR0556 14
NGSR0557 Collett Enparts Olive NGSR0557 19
NGSR0602 50th Open – Austin NGSR0602 1
NGSR0603 50th Wagon – Simmons NGSR0603 17
NGSR0604 50th Tanker – Shell NGSR0604 16
NGSR0444 Queen Mary BR Olive NGSR0444 377-875X 16
NGSR0446 Queen Mary EWS NGSR0446 15
NGSR0445 Queen Mary Dutch NGSR0445 16
NGSR0900 St Ives Corn Ex NGSR0900 8
NGSR0455 Inspec Saloon Preserved NGSR0455 374-875U 23
NGSR0457 Saloon LMS U/L NGSR0457 21
NGSR0451 Inspec Saloom LMS Crim NGSR0451 18
NGSR0458 Inspec Saloon Marron/Blk NGSR0458 374-875R 20
NGSR0565 Thomp BR Blue NGSR0565 – 374-860Z 15
NGSR0566 Thomp BR Maroon NGSR0566 – 374-860Y 16
NGSR0563 Thomp BR Crimson NGSR0563 – 374-860X 21
NGSR0562 Thomp Crimson&Cream NGSR0562 – 374-860V 14
NGSR0561 Thomp LNER Teak NGSR0561 – 374-860U 14
NGSR0571 CarFlat Bauxite NGSR0571 1
NGSR0572 CarFlat BR Blue NGSR0572 61
NGSR0573 CarFlat Motorail NGSR0573 57
NGSR0574 CarFlat Motorail B4 NGSR0574 11
NGSR0575 Carflat Bauxite B4 NGSR0575 62
NGSR0576 CarFlat Railease NGSR0576 60
N10 N’Spirations 10 1
N7 N’Spirations 7 2
N8 N’spirations 8 5
N9 N’Spirations 9 17
NGSB0001 Fabricated Y25 4
NGSB0002 Cast y25C 8
NGSB0003 8’00’ Plateback Bogies 21
NGSB0004 5’6′ Plateback Bogies 16
NGSB0005 5′ 6′ Glouc Bogies 15
NGSB0006 8’00’ Gresley Bogies 7
NGSB0009 5′ 6′ Diamond Bogies 2
NGSB0010 8′ 00′ South Steam Bogies 6
NGSB0011 Glocs GPS22 9
NGSB0012 NACCO Axle Motion 19
NGSB0013 Ride Control 10
NGSB0014 Eng Steel ESC1 9
NGSB0100 Couplers 5off 52
NGSB0200 Sml Rect Buffers x20 24
NGSB0201 Lrg Rect Buffers x20 11
NGSB0202 BR Steam Oval Buffers x20 17
NGSB0203 BR Mod Oval Buffers x20 20
NGSB0204 Sqr Rounded Corners x20 20
NGSB0300 6.2mm Wheels 21
NGSK0010 Hopper Wagon Kit & Chassis 10
NGSK0020 GWR Mink ‘C’ Wag Kit & Chassis 6
NGSK0030 LMS Van Kit & Chassis 10
NGSK0060 GWR Lowmac Kit & Chassis 2
NGSK0080 Bogie Bolster Kit & Chassis 6
NGSK0100 GWR MICA ‘A’ Van & Chassis 1
NGSK0120 BR B.D.A. Bogie Bolster & Chassis 10
NGSK0121 BR BDV/W Bogie Bolster Glos Bogies 18
NGSK0122 BR BDV/W Bogie Bolster Plate Bogies 7
NGSK0123 BR BDO Bogie Bolster D Plateback Bogies 4
NGSK0130 GWR/BR Iron Mink Van 9
NGSK0140 LNER/Private Owner 8 Plank Wagon 10
NGSK0150 LMS TresTrol 10
NGSK0151 TresTrol Frames 11
NGSK0160 BR 21 Ton Hopper Wagon & Chassis 10
NGSK0161 Etched Brass Detail Kit For NGSK0160 21T Hop 74
NGSK0180 LMS/BR 12 Ton Box Vans Twin Pack 10
NGSK0190 BR 21T Mineral Wagon & Chassis 9
NGSK0200 BR 24t Anhydrite Hopper 15
NGSK0210 SR/BR 12T Box Van Twin Pack 10
NGSK0220 BR Shark Ballast Plough Brake Van 1
NGSK0230 RCH(1923) 12 Ton Open Wagon 10
NGSK0240 B.R. MK.1. Standard Horse Box 10
NGSK0260 GWR Goods Van & MOGO Twin Pack 15
NGSK0270 B.R. ‘SALMON’ Engineers Wagon 15
NGSK0271 YSA/YWA Salmon Eng Wagon Post 1999 15
NGSK0272 Crane Detailing Pack For NGSK0270&0271 23
NGSK0290 Yvonne Shillabeer Memorial Wagon 3
NGSK0292 PO Dorman Long 11
NGSK0293 PO Arthur Day 16
NGSK0294 PO DR Llewellyn 2
NGSK0295 PO M Whittaker 6
NGSK0296 PO Norton & Bid 13
NGSK0297 PO Pinxton 13
NGSK0298 PO Rly Employees 11
NGSK0299 PO Carron Co. 7
NGSK0300 Gresley Full Brake built to Diagram 13 10
NGSK0310 BR Weltrol Wagon Kit 10
NGSK0311 Wooden Crate for NGSK0310 2
NGSK0320 GWR Macaw C B/Bolster 11
NGSK0330 Railtrk PNA – Twin Pack Even & Uneven Rribbed 25
NGSK0360 BR Shock Open & Van 20
NGSK0370 TTA Chemical Tanker & Chassis 10
NGSK0390 BR Mullet/Parr Sleeper Wagon 10
NGSK0430 YKA Osprey Track Panel Wagon 8
NGSK0460 BR Bogie Bolster E With Turbot Option 17
NGSK0470 BR (Ex LMS/LNER) Highfits Twin Pack 11
NGSK0480 LMS/GWR Wooden Opens Twin Pack 8
NGSK0490 Warflat 19
NGSK0501 Warwell Post 1976 9
NGSK0510 GWR P19 / Rudd 25
NGSK0520 GWR BoRail C B/Bolster 7
NGSK0530 Gane A/Macaw J/Borail F 15
NGSK0540 Rover Cube Wagon 20
NGSK0610 Van Wide VVV 30
NGSK0620 BR Containers 3
NGSK0630 Palvan / Steel Medfit 13
NGSK0640 Sand Tippler Twin 16
NGSK0650 SR 8 Plank 18
NGSK0660 BR Lowfit/Twin Bolster Twin pack 15
NGSK0670 LNER 12T Vans 1
NGSK0680 POA Open 20
NGSK0690 Limpet Open 20
NGSK0700 BR Standard Vans Twin Pack 7
NGSK0711 Russell’ Coal Cont Only 15
NGSM0001 Society Tie – Blue 1
NGSM0002 NGS Badge – Pin Fixing 30
NGSM0003 NGS Badge – Stud Fixing 31
NGSM0004 NGS Tie – Green 4
NGSM0100 Journal Index 1983 – 2000 4
NGSM0101 Journal Index 2001 – 2010 4
NGSM0111 Journal CD – 2011 7
NGSM0112 Journal CD – 2012 7
NGSM0113 Journal CD – 2013 6
NGSM0114 Journal CD 2014 5
NGSM0115 Journal CD 2015 4
NGSM0116 Journal CD 2016 13
NGSM0117 Journal CD 2017 2
NGSM0118 Journal CD 2018 10
NGSM0175 Journal Binder 9
NGSM0191 Journal Back Issues 1968-2010 5
NGSM0301 Booklet Germany Glossery 14
NGSM0400 NGS – Nameplate – Red 6
NGSM0401 NGS – Nameplate – Black 6
NGSM0402 Fireirons – Iron Etch 27
NGSM0403 Drain & Manhole Covers – Etch 20
NGSM0502 Track & Point Roller Gauge 10
NGSR0344 Stove Tinsley Red 10
NGSR0429 Snowplough – S Queen Snow Queen 11
NGSR0901 Corn Ex Signs 10
NGSS0008 Handbook Binder 18
NGSS0100 EU Postage 1
NGSS0300 ROW Postage 3yr 1
NGST0007 Gen Purpose Transfer 6 MMT 186-6 2
NGST0010 Decals HJO/HJV 41
NGST0060 Decals Kit 6 9
NGST0100 Decals for Kit 10 6
NGST0110 Decals Seacow 15
NGST0120 Decals BDA 17
NGST0130 Decals Mink Gun 25
NGST0140 Decals Kit 14 20
NGST0160 Decals Kit 16 15
NGST0170 Decals Cartic 20
NGST0180 Decals Box LMS Van 18
NGST0300 Decals for Kit 30 10
NGST0370 Decals TTA Kit 37 9
NGST0460 Decals Bobol Turbot 22
NGST0470 Decals Highfit 20
NGST0480 Decals LMS GWR Open 20
NGST0490 Decals for Kit 49 20
NGST0500 Decals for Warwell 20
NGST0510 Decals Rudd/P19 26
NGST0610 Decals for VVV 9
NGST0620 Decals for kit 62 21
NGST0630 Decals kit 63 18
NGSV0002 Saxon APC 20
NGSW0010 Area Group – Spencer 18
NGSW0020 Area Group – MR 5
7th-8th December 2019 Large Main Stand British Railway Modelling (BRM) – The National Festival of Railway Modelling – Peterborough
11th-12th January 2020 Large Main Stand Chiltern Model Railway Association Show – Stevenage. We’ll have the renowned layout Hedges Hill Cutting next to the Stand
8th-9th February 2020 Large Main Stand British Railway Modelling (BRM) – The British Festival of Model Railways – Doncaster
21st-23rd February 2020 Large Main Stand Model Rail Scotland – Glasgow
21st-22nd March 2020 Large Main Stand British Railway Modelling (BRM) The London Festival of Model Railways – Alexandra Palace – London
4th April 2020 Small Main Stand N Gauge Forum South East Show – Reigate.  Now confirmed with Choates Lane – Tim Hitch & Stuart Conlon’s East London with HS1 layout.  Harper’s Ferry – Stuart Conlon & Omar Pemberton’s US outline layout.
18th-19th April 2020 Large Main Stand Trainwest (Bentley Model Railway Group) – Corsham
1st-3rd May 2020 Large Main Stand Wales and West Association of Model Railway Clubs – Thornbury, near Bristol – Provisional

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