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Many members would like to know where the production of various kits is up to, so this new page is an
attempt to provide better progress updates.

Update 15 November 2018

One kit which the committee have agreed will be retired is the Cartic. This is a very complex kit to make, involving as it does various etches in brass and nickel silver. Inspection of the box of parts revealed that some of the key etches were missing, and it is believed that producing some of the etches was troublesome. While the diagrams may exist, we do not know where the photo tools are, or that they could be resurrected. Given that this is such a challenging kit, and that there are three variants to cover the life of these interesting vehicles, we reluctantly decided to retire it from the range. You never know, someone may do all the hard work for us and produce an RTR version.

Received this week from one of our tooling companies is a supply of diamond frame bogies. These will be put into stock soon, while the supply will allow the re-introduction of a number of kits.

The restocking of most of the other bogies for sale as separate parts for scratch-builders is also in hand and they should be in the Shop within a week or two.

Update 03 November 2018

The decals for the Gresley kits should be in the Shop very soon. Kit 63 for the Palvan/Medfit is now back in stock.

We have started work to reintroduce the Anhydrite Hopper and the tooling is with a toolmaker for assessment.

We know that the most requested kit is 54b for the Timber Carrier so we are working to get substantial quantities available in the New Year. We need to liaise with three different suppliers on this which is why it takes so long.

A small batch of Warwells (WW2 to 1970 version) have been packed following discovery of some diamond frame bogies. These bogies are on order and we anticipate delivery soon which will allow us to produce more of this kit and several others that need this bogie.

Update 10 October 2018

The decals for the Gresley kits have now arrived. We will make these available as a separate item (NGST0300) via the Shop and Display Stand for anyone who is modelling similar Gresley coaching stock. This will allow us to pack Gresley kits during November.

Bogies have proved popular, as have the coupler sprues and wheels so these are now being restocked.

The sprues for Kit 63 for the Palvan – Medfit Twin Pack have been produced and are being despatched,  so restocking of this kit will commence soon.

Update 03 October 2018

The final component for the Gresley kits (the decals) is due to arrive very soon. This will allow us to start packing the kits. The intention is to pack 100 kits initially. We anticipate availability in the Shop during November.

A small supply of diamond frame bogies has been found (while we await resupply from one of our toolmakers) which should allow another bogie kit to be produced, albeit in small numbers.

Sprues for Kit 63 for the Palvan – Medfit Twin Pack should be being produced soon, with resupply of this kit anticipated in November.

Kit 21 for the SR/BR vans should be back in stock with a couple of weeks.

Kit 43 for the Osprey track panel bogie wagon was previously supplied as a complete wagon kit. As this is identical to kit 27b for the post-1998 Salmon apart from the whitemetal parts for the framing, it has been decided to make Kit 43 into a detail part which, in combination with Kit 27b will allow the Osprey to be made. This simplifies kit production and means less stock tied up in the Shop.

Update 13 September 2018

Kit 64 Sand Tippler-Coil J Twin Pack were ready for TINGS and are now on sale through the website.

The Gresley kits are nearly ready for packing, just waiting on delivery of deals. The SK Area Group have bagged the wheels and springs already.

The Timber Carrier is much in demand, but sadly the stock of the red main body sprues is exhausted. Rerun times vary considerably depending on who has the tooling, but it is not anticipated that this kit will be available again until next year.

The tooling for Kit 20 BR Anhydrite Hopper has been passed to a tool maker and should be back in production some time this year.

Supplies of sprues for Kit 63 Palvan – Medfit Twin Pack are exhausted so this tooling has been passed to the same tool maker and hopefully should be fully back in stock within three months.


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