Kit Production

Update 13 September 2018

Many members would like to know where the production of various kits is up to, so this new page is an attempt to provide better progress updates.

Kit 64 Sand Tippler-Coil J Twin Pack were ready for TINGS and are now on sale through the website.

The Gresley kits are nearly ready for packing, just waiting on delivery of deals. The SK Area Group have bagged the wheels and springs already.

The Timber Carrier is much in demand, but sadly the stock of the red main body sprues is exhausted. Rerun times vary considerably depending on who has the tooling, but it is not anticipated that this kit will be available again until next year.

The tooling for Kit 20 BR Anhydrite Hopper has been passed to a tool maker and should be back in production some time this year.

Supplies of sprues for Kit 63 Palvan – Medfit Twin Pack are exhausted so this tooling has been passed to the same tool maker and hopefully should be fully back in stock within three months.


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