Modelmaster / NGS cross-reference

Following the new arrangement with Modelmaster towards the end of 2017, whereby they will sell the Society stocks alongside their own, with a discount for Society members, this list is no longer relevant.  However, it is left in place because of the references to Modelmaster catalogue numbers, although at the time of writing it is uncertain whether these are still valid.


For a number of reasons, the reference number for Modelmaster transfers as listed in the printed catalouge cannot be used in the NGS shop system.  A further complication is that the updated NGS shop system required a further change of number.  Here is a first pass at the cross-reference list between the Modelmaster catalogue reference, the original NGS shop reference and the new NGS shop number.

This is a work in progress, so please double check with the shop before ordering.  If you notice any errors or omissions, please contact the webmaster.


NGS Shop
NGS shop
B.R, 1948-1968 Locomotive decals
2001 1MMT01 MMT001
2002 1MMT02 MMT002
2003 1MMT03 MMT003
2004 1MMT04 MMT004
2005 1MMT05 MMT005
2007 1MMT07 MMT007
2008 NYA
2009 1MMT09 MMT009
2010 1MMT10 MMT010
2011 1MMT11 MMT011
2012 1MMT12 MMT012
2013 1MMT13 MMT013
2014 1MMT14 MMT014
2015 1MMT15 MMT015
2016 1MMT16 MMT016
2017 1MMT17 MMT017
2018 1MMT18 MMT018
2020 1MMT20 MMT020
2026 NYA
Anglia Railways
2040 1MMX94 MMT594
Locomotive & Coaching Stock lining
2081 1MML01 MMT301
2081C 1MML03 MMT303
2082 1MML02 MMT302
2082C 1MML04 MMT304
2083 1MML05 MMT305
2083C 1MML06 MMT306
2481 1MML42 MMT342
2482 1MML41 MMT341
2482Y 1MML40 MMT340
2483 1MML45 MMT345
2484 1MML44 MMT344
2485 1MML46 MMT346
B.R. 1948-65 Loco & Coaching Stock emblems
2091 1MMX30 MMT530
2092 1MMX31 MMT531
2093 1MMT56 MMT056
2094 1MMT57 MMT057
2095 1MMT58 MMT058
2096 1MMX30 MMT533
2097 1MMX31 NYA
2098 1MMX32 MMT532
2801B 1MMX33 MMT504
B.R. Steam Loco Smokebox No.Decals
2101 1MMT21 MMT021
2102 1MMT22 MMT022
2103 1MMT23 MMT023
2104 1MMT24 MMT024
2105 1MMT25 MMT025
2107 1MMT27 MMT027
2109 1MMT29 MMT029
2110 1MMT30 MMT030
2111 1MMT31 MMT031
2112 1MMT32 MMT032
2113 1MMT33 MMT033
2114 1MMT34 MMT034
2115 1MMT35 MMT035
2116 1MMT36 MMT036
2126 NYA
B.R. 1948-68 Diesel & Electric Multiple Units
2301 1MMT41 MMT041
2302 1MMT42 MMT042
2303 1MMT43 MMT043
2304 1MMT44 MMT044
2305 1MMT45 MMT045
2322 1MMX95 MMT595
Royal Mail Travelling Post Office
2400 1MMT40 MMT040
2438 NYA
2439 NYA
2409 1MMT49 MMT049
2410 NYA
B.R. Coaching Stock Decals 1948-1965
2401 1MMT51 MMT051
2402 1MMT52 MMT052
2403 1MMT53 MMT053
2404 1MMT54 MMT054
2405 1MMT55 MMT055
2406 1MMX40 MMT540
2411 1MMX41 MMT541
2412 1MMX42 MMT542
2413 1MMX43 MMT543
2414 1MMX44 MMT544
2415 1MMX45 MMT545
2416 NYA
2422 1MMX96 MMT596
2423 1MMX97 MMT597
2424 1MMX98 MMT598
B.R. Station Signs & Nameboards
2501 1MMX21 MMT521
2502 1MMX22 MMT522
2503 1MMX23 MMT523
2504 1MMX24 MMT524
2505 1MMX25 MMT525
2506 1MMX26 MMT526
British Bus Companies
2555 See NGS listing
2556 See NGS listing
2557 1MMB10
2558 1MMB10
S.R. Design 12T Ventilated Van Decals
2600 1MMT60 MMT060
B.R. 1948-68 Freight Rolling Stock Decals
2601 1MMT61 MMT061
2602 1MMT62 MMT062
2603 1MMT63 MMT063
2604 1MMT64 MMT064
2605 1MMT65 MMT065
2606 1MMX67 MMT567
2607 1MMX66 MMT566
2608 1MMT68 MMT068
2609 1MMT69 MMT069
2611 1MMX70 MMT570
2612 1MMT72 MMT072
2613 1MMT73 MMT073
2614 1MMT74 MMT074
2615 1MMT75 MMT075
2616 1MMT76 MMT076
2617 1MMT77 MMT077
2618 1MMT78 MMT078
2619 1MMT79 MMT079
2620 1MMT80 MMT080
2621 1MMT81 MMT081
2622 1MMT82 MMT082
2623 1MMT83 MMT083
2624 1MMT84 MMT084
2625 1MMX50 MMT550
2626 1MMT86 MMT086
2627 1MMT87 MMT087
2628 1MMT88 MMT088
2629 1MMX51 MMT551
2630 1MMX52 MMT552
2631 1MMX91 MMT591
2633 1MMT93 MMT093
2635 1MMX53 MMT553
2636 1MMT89 MMT089
2637 1MMX54 MMT554
2639 1MMX55 MMT555
2666 1MMT66 MMT066
2757 1MMX57 MMT557
2890 1MMX90 MMT590
Private Owner Tank Wagon Decals
2647 1MMT47 MMT047
2829 1MMX29 MMT529
2850 1MMT50 MMT050
Pre Nationalisation Wagon Decals
2701 1MMX71 MMT571
2702 1MMX72 MMT572
2703 1MMX73 MMT573
2704 1MMX74 MMT574
2705 1MMX75 MMT575
2706 1MMX76 MMT576
2707 1MMX77 MMT577
2708 1MMX78 MMT578
2709 1MMX79 MMT579
Private Owner Coal Wagon Decals
2727 1MMP27 MMT427
2728 1MMP28 MMT428
2729 1MMP29 MMT429
2730 1MMP30 MMT430
2731 1MMP31 MMT431
2732 1MMP32 MMT432
2733 1MMP33 MMT433
2734 1MMP34 MMT434
2735 1MMP35 MMT435
2736 1MMP36 MMT436
2737 1MMP37 MMT437
2738 1MMP38 MMT438
2739 1MMP39 MMT439
2740 1MMP40 MMT440
2741 1MMP41 MMT441
2742 1MMP42 MMT442
2743 1MMP43 MMT443
2744 1MMP44 MMT444
2745 1MMP45 MMT445
2746 1MMP46 MMT446
2747 1MMP47 MMT447
2748 1MMP48 MMT448
2749 1MMP49 MMT449
2750 1MMP50 MMT450
2751 1MMP51 MMT451
2752 1MMP52 MMT452
BR 1965-90s Modern Image Loco Decals
2800 1MMX01 MMT501
2801 1MMX02 MMT502
2801B MMT504
2803 1MMX03 MMT503
B.R. 1965-90s Corporate Image Wagon Decals
2851 1MMT90 MMT090
2852 1MMT91 MMT091
2853 1MMT92 MMT092
2857 1MMX87 MMT587
2859 1MMX89 MMT589
2861 1MMT93
2862 1MMT94 MMT094
2863 1MMT95 MMT095
2864 1MMX84 MMT584
2865 1MMX85 MMT585
2868 1MMX88 MMT588
2901 1MMT96 MMT096
2902 1MMT97 MMT097
2906 1MMX62 MMT562
2907 1MMX63 MMT563
EWS Railway Freight Wagon Decals
2905 1MMX05 MMT505
2909 1MMX09 MMT509
2910 1MMX10 MMT510
2911 NYA
2912 1MMX12 MMT512
2917 1MMX17 MMT517
2918 1MMX18 MMT518
2920 1MMX20 MMT520
EWS. Locomotive Decals
2935 1MMX35 MMT535
Pullman Car Company Decals
2981 1MMP01 MMT401
2982 1MMP02 MMT402
2983 1MMP03 MMT403
2984 1MMP04 MMT404
2993 1MMP05 MMT405
2995 1MMP06
Self Adhesive Full Colour Posters
As per catalogue 1MML99 MMT399
B.R. Mk1 Coach Destination Boards
N700 1MMC13 MMT213
N701 1MMC25 MMT225
N702 1MMC12 MMT212
N703 1MMC01 MMT201
N704 1MMC16 MMT216
N705 1MMC15 MMT215
N706 1MMC02 MMT202
N707 1MMC03 MMT203
N708 1MMC24 MMT224
N709 1MMC20 MMT220
N710 1MMC31 MMT231
N711 1MMC19 MMT219
N712 1MMC22 MMT222
N713 1MMC14 MMT214
N714 1MMC04 MMT204
N715 1MMC11 MMT211
N716 1MMC09 MMT209
N717 1MMC08 MMT208
N718 1MMC23 MMT223
N719 1MMC07 MMT207
N720 1MMC10 MMT210
N721 1MMC30 MMT230
N722 1MMC26 MMT226
N723 1MMC29 MMT229
N724 1MMC17 MMT217
N725 NYA
N726 NYA
N727 1MMC33 MMT233
N728 NYA
N729 NYA
N734 NYA
N731 NYA
N732 NYA
N750 NYA
N751 1MMC06 MMT206
N752 NYA
N753 1MMC27 MMT227
N754 1MMC21 MMT221
N755 1MMC28 MMT228
N756 NYA
N757 1MMC18 MMT218
N758 1MMC05 MMT205
N759 NYA
N790 NYA
N791 NYA
N792 1MMC32 MMT232
General purpose sheets
NGP01 MMT181
NGP02 MMT182
NGP04 MMT184
NGP05 MMT185
NGP06 MMT186
All Purpose Letters & Numbers
As per catalogue 1MML99 MMT399

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