Electronic journals

The Society has set up a scheme whereby members can register to receive their journal electronically via the internet, instead of as a hard copy by post, with effect from journal 4/20.  This will afford overseas members the options of receiving the journal promptly and of avoiding the postage contribution payment.  Some members, whether overseas or UK resident, may welcome the alternative potential for journal storage that this will provide.

Registering for E-journals

On joining or renewal

No change will be made to the Society’s online membership systems as they currently stand, as to do so would double the number of possible ‘options’ and add complication to membership and shop transactions.  Please use the appropriate option (which, for overseas members, will include the ‘postage contribution’ payment), and type your request for E-journals instead of hard copies in the ‘Add’l info’ (additional information) box in the checkout.  Overseas members will have their membership periods extended in respect of the postage payment, by 6 months in respect of 1 year applications, or by 18 months in respect of 3 year applications.  Alternatively, the postage payment can be refunded, but this must be specifically requested (‘Add’l info’ box again!).

Mid term

Members who are part way through their membership term can also register for the scheme by emailing the Membership Secretary.  For overseas members, the next renewal date will be extended by one month in respect of each journal issue remaining in the member’s membership period.  Because of potential difficulties in processing refunds of postage contributions already paid, especially in respect of non-recent payments, they will not be an option.

Receiving E-journal copies

Registered members will need to go online to obtain their copies as they become available.  Using the ‘E-journal’ option on the same Society site as used for membership purposes (at www.ngsjoin.com), it will be possible to ‘purchase’ (at nil cost) each edition as it becomes available.  This method will allow the Society to easily check the ‘purchaser’s’ membership and registration status, before sending a link and password to the member’s email address to enable the download of a PDF copy of the journal, combined with the newsletter, from the NGS website.

The attention of members is drawn to the ‘Journal Publication Dates’ page at http://newweb.ngaugesociety.com/?page_id=63 on the Society website which indicates, inter alia, the anticipated mailing date of the next journal.  The E-journal ‘purchase’ option will become accessible shortly thereafter.

Additional notes

Occasional one-off copies

As an enhancement to the scheme, one-off online copies will be available to members who, although receiving hard copies by post in the normal way, might require one for whatever reason.  This will incur a token payment of £1, to cover administration costs.

Withdrawal from the scheme

An E-journal registered member wishing to revert to receiving hard copies will need to advise the Membership Secretary accordingly, either by making the request when renewing or, if in mid-term, by email.  In respect of an overseas member wishing to withdraw mid-term, the required remaining postage contribution can be made either by ‘Sundry payment’ to the Society, or by reduction of the current membership term, as agreed at the time with the Membership Secretary.


The Journal PDFs are set up in single page mode.  For those using Adobe Acrobat to view them, see the following:

Directions to allow a single-page PDF to be viewed in double-page mode – to allow a centre-page spread, or any other spread, to be seen in full.

See the screen shot below – select the settings “View” (from the top menu bar), then “Page Display”, then tick “Two Page Viewing”.

This shows two pages side by side, but always with the odd numbered page on the left, which breaks cross-page images, therefore also tick “Show cover page in Two Page View” , which puts even numbered pages on the left.

Ticking “Two Page Scrolling” allows the whole journal to be viewed in spread mode.

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