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Kit 54b: KSA timber wagons

The NGS’s kit of the ex-Rover KSA-A “cube” wagons, now converted to timber carriers was released at the York show 2014. The prototype wagons were manufactured by Rautaruukki of Finland in 1995 for the Rover car company for the secure transportation of car components between plants.

In 2011, a batch of KSAs was acquired by wagon leasing firm Nacco and converted for use as timber carriers; this involved replacing the sliding hoods with heavy-duty stanchions. The wagons have been repainted and are now in service with Colas on timber traffic from Cornwall, South Wales and the North to a paper and board factory at Chirk.

The model was tooled by Parkside Dundas and features injection moulded chassis and ends. Kit 54b represents the timber carrier, and includes a set of injection moulded stanchions and is supplied with one-piece injection moulded bogies, etched detail parts and decals.


Kit 46 – BR Bogie Bolster E with Turbot option

Released at the Society AGM on 1st June 2013 at Poynton – Kit 46 BR Bogie Bolster E with Turbot option. This kit contains the re-tooled ex Parkwood Models mouldings, Gloucester bogies complete with couplings, wheels and springs, turned brass buffer heads and dedicated transfers as well as comprehensive instructions.

These kits are available from the Society Shop or from the Society Stand at exhibitions.

NGK012b,c – BDV/BDW Bogie Bolster – eras 5,6,7,8,9.

Above is Kit 12b as a Bogie Bolster D on Davis and Lloyd bogies

Above is Kit 12b as a BDV on Davis and Lloyd bogies

Above is Kit 12c as a departmental YYW on Plateback bogies

Our current kit 12 builds the BR BDA air-braked bogie bolster wagon. Prior to this many were vacuum braked and fitted with Davis and Lloyd, Plateback or Gloucester bogies. Our kit 12b is supplied with our Gloucester bogies (which are visually almost identical to the Davis and Lloyd versions) and kit 12c is supplied with Plateback bogies. Both come with a new decal sheet, cast vacuum cylinders and comprehensive etched details.

NGK 027b – YSA/YWA “Salmon” track carrier – post 1998.

In 1998, a large number of Salmon track wagons were fitted with upgraded bogies to improve running and reliability. This kit, which is based on our existing Salmon kit, is supplied with a new decal sheet, a new sheet of photo-etched details and NGS Gloucester bogies which are visually a close match for the ASF bogies on the prototype.

Also available is NGK043 – the YKA “Osprey” conversion.

In 2009, a number of rebuilt Salmons were further converted into YKA “Osprey” wagons with the addition of sturdy end and centre frames to allow standard track panels to be carried without time-consuming strapping down.

Our model features its own decal set, whitemetal stanchions mastered by renowned N Gauge modeller Bernard Taylor of TPM and an etched jig to ensure consistent and accurate placement of the additional parts.

The Osprey has been designed to be compatible with “Easitrac” moulded 2mm finescale track for those who wish to depict their wagons loaded.

NGK311 Wooden crate load

A simple kit, consisting of five layers of laser-cut plastic, building into a distinctive load for a wagon such as NGK031, the Weltrol MC machine wagon.


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