Back Issues of the Journal

Annual Journal compilation CD

This is produced annually and includes all the Journals published in the previous year. It is an ideal way to store your Journal collection and be able to access them on a Laptop or PC. The CDs are available from the Society Shop.

Journal Back Issues

Printed back issues of the Society Journal are to all intents and purposes free, and the charges shown below are designed to cover post & packing costs only.  Contact the Back Issues Officer at to confirm that your required copies are available, and then make the required payment online at using the ‘Sundry Payments’ option and typing ‘Back issues’ plus any other relevant information in the ‘Add’l Info’ box,  or if you prefer send your cheque to the Back Issues Officer.

UK £1.50 for one journal, increasing by 40p per journal up to a maximum of 10 journals; thereafter charge to be calculated by the Back Issues Officer and agreed with the requesting member.
Europe £4.30 for one journal; thereafter charge to be calculated by the Back Issues Officer and agreed with the requesting member.
Rest of the World £5.60 for one journal; thereafter as above.

On the basis that we get very few requests for back journals from overseas, costs shown are for just one journal, as after that the postage costs become increasingly astronomical, and, even for just one journal, members are probably better off purchasing a journal CD from the Shop.

Missed Issues for late renewals

If you renew having missed a journal, you will receive a copy with your new card, and your membership period will be backdated in accordance with the Late Renewal Fee payment conditions.

However, if you have missed more than one issue, only the most recent journal will be sent with your new card (but see note * below) and your next renewal date will be set accordingly, again having regard to whether or not the Late Renewal Fee has been paid.  If you require copies of issues you have missed, please follow the procedure outlined above.
(*For UK members only,  up to two missed issues will be supplied.)

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