Rover Cubes

N Gauge Society Kit 54a: Rover Cubes

The N Gauge Society is to produce a kit of the distinctive and imposing ex-Rover KSA-A “cube” wagons, now converted to timber carriers.

The model will be the 54th in the NGS’s ever expanding range, and as ever will be available to members only.

The prototype wagons were manufactured by Rautaruukki of Finland in 1995 for the Rover car company for the secure transportation of car components between plants.

In more recent years, they’ve been used in partnership by DRS and logistics firm W H Malcolm on Anglo-Scottish freight services and two were repainted to reflect this.

The wagons have also seen service in South Wales and South West England and some are now in use on the Continent, in France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany for commodities such as bottled water.

Below are pictures of the first test builds of mouldings received in February 2013:


Kit 54b was released in April 2014. Kit 54a the Rover Cube is now almost complete, just waiting for the bogies.

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